Eccentric Locks

Never lose your alignment again.

$29.99/pair, $99.99/set of 8
*Free shipping on all orders in the US!

Never lose your precious alignment again! Now available from Paco Motorsports, a definitive, clever solution to a very old problem… Protect your precious street/track alignment from being disturbed by inferior, slipping eccentric bolts under hard cornering! The factory eccentric bolts were not designed to stand up to the rigors of sticky tires and aggressive driving. Now, over 25 years later, Paco Motorsports offers a clever solution to a very common problem. Install these lock sets at each of 8 factory locations to ensure that you never lose your dialed-in alignment settings again! In addition, once set and locked in, every tooth of adjustment provides for precise camber and toe adjustment so you can switch from track to street mode in a matter of minutes! Each tooth of adjustment allows for camber adjustment in increments of 1/4 degree of camber in either direction… Take control over your alignment settings once and for all!

For NA/NB Miatas. Up to 8 locks may be installed per car.

Fits all NA and NB Miatas with the H shaped alignment bolt. If you have the older D bolts, you will need to upgrade to the newer style bolt.

$29.99/pair, $99.99/set of 8

Works with Exocet!

*Free shipping in the US!

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