What IS this thing?!?!?!

If you’re familiar with Paco Motorsports’ 3” lift kit for Miatas and the avenues it has opened up for Rallycrossers and just pure unadulterated Miata hooliganism,  you can easily see how developing this beast-mode Miata kit became the next “logical” progression…  From the beginning concepts of this project, through all the twists and turns involved in the design and prototyping process and testing, there has been one constant:  Ridiculous Fun.

In a nutshell, this project’s key focus was to develop a complete suspension kit to transform a first or second generation Miata from normalcy to a 100% streetable, Stadium Truck style, high speed capable, professional-grade offroading machine.   That’s quite a tall order for a car designed for almost nothing NEAR that capability.  Assuming factory suspension hard points at the chassis and 31x10.50-15” tires meeting the Earth, everything in between those two givens became fair game.  Many, many, MANY hours were spent measuring, drawing, modeling in 3D CAD, prototyping, revising, and testing to result in the Offroadster Kit.  Suspension and steering geometry were developed and continually tweaked throughout the process to ensure the best compromises in camber curves, wheel rates and wheel frequencies, bump steer, Ackerman steering , etc.. The result is a complete, nearly 100% bolt-on set of components which provide some VERY impressive stats:

  • 15” of static ground clearance
  • 14” of total wheel travel
  • 3.5” longer wheelbase, 13.5” wider track
  • Complete set of 8 CAD designed sheetmetal fabricated control arms and 4 custom shock mounts
  • Custom made AFCO coilover shocks/springs package with optional dust covers
  • Custom extended length, stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Heavy Duty, custom extended axle shafts from The Driveshaft Shop (‘94+ differential required)
  • Optional 5.38:1 gearset compensates for  30-31” tires, maintaining acceleration/driveability
  • Custom machined and zinc plated tie rod extenders
  • Heavy Duty steering rack relocation brackets
  • Laser-cut, heavy wall tubing piece to extend steering column (the only welding required)
  • Optional steel fender flares and cutting templates package to allow up to 31” tire fitment
  • Optional Brush Bar/Light Bar/Winch Mount/Skid Plate Combo under development

Can you tell we’re serious yet?

However… the proof, as they say, is in the pudding…    Climb in an Offroaster and you’ll quickly forget about stats, numbers, laser-cut this and CNC machined that, and pretty much everything else except feeling like a small child again with the coolest toy on the block.  Build your own Offroadster now, and go #ConquerStuff.

Works with Exocet!

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