About Paco Motorsports

Paco Motorsports of Central Kentucky has been in business since 2008 providing intelligently designed, quality built, and exceptionally valued performance products for sports cars, predominantly Mazda Miatas.

The company’s products and vision are the brainchild of founder Mark Rivera.  Since the July 1989 issue of Motor Trend landed in his lap at age 12 with the release of the famed roadster, Mark has been dreaming and modifying Miatas, and making lots of good friends along the way.  Fast forward nearly thirty years and several Miata builds, countless track days, endurance racing, and a couple scratch designed and built Miata-based race cars (one featured in Car and Driver while in his 20’s), Mark is still finding new and unique ways to extract raw, visceral enjoyment from the proven little chassis.  Even years before the inception of the company, Mark worked at his engineering day job to help design and manufacture products for the undisputed, premier Miata tuning company in the world, Flyin’ Miata.  Paco Motorsports continues to work with the great folks at FM to this day and well-respected others like Exomotive, providing only the best performing and most reliable products.

In addition to Miata products, Paco Motorsports is always looking for creative ways to go fast and help things go fast, as can be seen with the Offroadster kit featured in Grassroots Motorsports magazine, and the innovative, laser-assisted Hub Stand Alignment Kits which allow even a novice sports car enthusiast to do their own alignment in a driveway or garage.  Such are the limitless and continual visions of Paco Moto!!

Thanks for stopping by the website.  We love to hear from our customers and keep the creative juices flowing throughout the motorsports community, so hit us up on Facebook and Instagram, and enjoy the ride!!