Springtime Hibernation Termination Special!!

Has your garage queen been sleeping a while?  Did you have the urge to take advantage of those rare 60F+ winter days, but Mother Nature gave you nothing this winter but cold and gray (and white! ugh!)???  Or did you blast through them with abandon and a 3″ lift kit?  Whatever your flavor, it’s officially spring, and time to prepare for warmer tires, stickier pavement, and more G’s!!!  Let us add to your driving experience by offering a couple of the best bang-for-the-buck, seat-of-the-pants improvements you can make to your NA/NB Miata, for the track, or the street..

For a limited time when you order a pair of our “Strong Arms” (powder coated or bare), we’ll throw in your choice of a Master Cylinder Brace OR 2 pairs of Eccentric Locks, totally FREE!!! 

It’s a sweetheart of a deal!!   And you know this, man!!  We ship super quick too!  Just ask our customers! (While supplies last, some assembly required, batteries not included, blah blah, etc..)