What IS this thing?!?!?

If you’re familiar with Paco Motorsports’ 3” lift kit for Miatas and the avenues it has opened up for Rallycrossers and just pure unadulterated Miata hooliganism, you can easily see how developing this beast-mode Miata kit became the next “logical” progression… From the beginning concepts of this project, through all the twists and turns involved in the design and prototyping process and testing, there has been one constant: Ridiculous Fun.

In a nutshell, this project’s key focus was to develop a complete suspension kit to transform a first or second generation Miata from normalcy to a 100% streetable, Stadium Truck style, high speed capable, professional-grade offroading machine.   That’s quite a tall order for a car designed for almost nothing NEAR that capability.  Assuming factory suspension hard points at the chassis and 31×10.50-15” tires meeting the Earth, everything in between those two givens became fair game.  Many, many, MANY hours were spent measuring, drawing, modeling in 3D CAD, prototyping, revising, and testing to result in the Offroadster Kit.  Suspension and steering geometry were developed and continually tweaked throughout the process to ensure the best compromises in camber curves, wheel rates and wheel frequencies, bump steer, Ackerman steering , etc.. The result is a complete, nearly 100% bolt-on set of components which provide some VERY impressive stats:

  • 15” of static ground clearance
  • 14” of total wheel travel
  • 3.5” longer wheelbase, 13.5” wider track
  • Complete set of 8 CAD designed sheetmetal fabricated control arms and 4 custom shock mounts
  • Custom made AFCO coilover shocks/springs package with optional dust covers
  • Custom extended length, stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Heavy Duty, custom extended axle shafts from The Driveshaft Shop (‘94+ differential required)
  • Optional 5.38:1 gearset compensates for  30-31” tires, maintaining acceleration/driveability
  • Custom machined and zinc plated tie rod extenders
  • Heavy Duty steering rack relocation brackets
  • Laser-cut, heavy wall tubing piece to extend steering column (the only welding required)
  • Optional steel fender flares and cutting templates package to allow up to 31” tire fitment
  • Optional Brush Bar/Light Bar/Winch Mount/Skid Plate Combo under development

Can you tell we’re serious yet?

However… the proof, as they say, is in the pudding…    Climb in an Offroaster and you’ll quickly forget about stats, numbers, laser-cut this and CNC machined that, and pretty much everything else except feeling like a small child again with the coolest toy on the block.  Build your own Offroadster now, and go #ConquerStuff.

How do I buy?

We thought you’d never ask!

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Offroadster FAQ

Does the kit retain the factory power steering?

Yes, the steering rack is relocated a few inches to maintain good Ackermann geometry and to minimize bump-steer, but you will have the same power or manual steering that you started with.

How does it work naturally aspirated?

Depending upon the size of the tires you choose (up to 31″ will fit the large fender flares) you will notice some loss of acceleration performance due to taller overall gearing.  The available 5.38:1 gearset for the differential brings gearing back to factory specs when using 31″ tires, but the overall larger mass of the wheel/tire combo compared to factory sized street tires will still have a negative effect on acceleration.

Is this street legal?

Mostly yes. Some localities have more strict requirements on fender coverage over tires, so check your local laws to be sure.  Wider fenders are very possible and something Paco Moto may begin to offer if the demand is there.

How long will it take to install?

This will vary upon your capability, shop equipment, and haste, but this kit can be installed over a weekend with capable hands.  It’s a complete, permanent transformation of the car, so it’s NOT for the faint of heart or skill.  You’re basically replacing all of the factory control arms and coilovers, relocating the steering rack with bolt-on brackets, replacing brake lines, adding bolt-on extensions to the tie rods, cutting and welding an extension into the steering column, and cutting the body for the weld-in fender flares.  You’ll need to do body work to blend the flares into the factory sheet metal, repaint those areas, set desired ride height on the coilovers and do a 4 wheel alignment.

What will I need in addition to the kit?

You will need your desired wheel/tire package, but everything else is included in the kit.

Won't big tires make the gearing sluggish?

Yes, the large tires will reduce acceleration, but the available 5.38:1 gearset brings overall gearing back to nearly factory specs.

How does the extra weight of the tires affect handling and acceleration?

Acceleration will be reduced, but the available 5.38:1 gearset compensates nearly 100% for that using 31″ tires…  Handling will be quite different than before.  This is now a serious off-road capable car, and has a much lower wheel rate and lots more body roll.  The suspension geometry has been designed to work fine on the street and highway, however, and the drivability is surprisingly good for such an extreme set of modifications.  With a proper alignment, the car won’t do anything surprising or unexpected on the street.  Care needs to be taken at high speeds when changing lanes on the highway, but a bit of careful practice and a few miles behind the wheel goes a long way.  No reason that an Offroadster can’t be driven daily.  The biggest difference overall is how much attention you will draw to yourself driving such a beast!!!

How much does this affect gas mileage?

Gas mileage will suffer for sure.  It’s not anything like a Prius…  How much though??  That’s tough to quantify, but expect a very significant drop in mileage.  Larger tires with more rolling resistance, a huge drop in aerodynamics, and more torque required from the engine in city driving all contribute to lower MPG.

Will this kit make me look cool?

This is a guarantee, as far as we’re concerned…  Expect to spend at least 10-15 minutes at the gas station answering questions and for picture taking, continuous thumbs up and shout-outs from passing admirers, and lots of people speeding up to take pics on the highway.  Be careful driving your young children around in this thing, as some folks can’t help but pull up at stoplights next to you and start yelling random expletives as they try to figure out what sort of awesome just filled their field of vision…

Do my brakes need to be upgraded to handle the extra weight of the tires?

It’s not completely necessary to upgrade the brakes, though the added mass of larger wheels/tires will make them work harder.  A street/track hybrid pad is recommended, and for anything beyond street/moderate speed off-road use, the factory brakes should be ok.   If you’re entering the Baja 1000, please upgrade to the 6 piston Wilwoods like on our shop car, available from Flyin’ Miata.

Do I need a roll bar?

YES!!!  Unless you are only putt-putting around on the street showing off and never putting a wheel off the pavement, get a roll bar or a roll cage.  It’s a good idea in ANY Miata.

It's still RWD, how does it actually do in mud?

The lightweight nature of the Miata and the ground clearance provided by the Offroadster Kit make it a good contender in the mud.  Much of it’s capabilities will depend on your gearing and choice of tire.

How much weight will the kit add to my Miata?

Roughly 75-100 lbs, plus the difference between your existing wheel/tire package and the ones you replace them with.  We will update with more definitive numbers once we have them.