3″ Lift Kit


An easy way to add 3″ of lift to your miata for better rallycross capabilities and clearance.

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The Paco Motorsports’ 3″ lift kit began as a simple desire to daily drive a road course prepped track Miata in the winter months using larger than factory diameter snow tires. The kit, comprised of a fabricated bracket installed at each corner between the lower control arm and your existing shock assembly, is very simple to install and takes mere minutes to achieve. You can switch from offroad/winter mode back to street/track mode in no time!! Perfect for changing your autocross machine into a rallycross monster!!


Your alignment will change slightly, mostly the camber settings, and it may/may not be an issue, depending on how and where you’re planning to use your Miata. This kit does not add any wheel travel and is still subject to the limits of your existing shocks/springs. Up to 25″ diameter tires can be installed on Miatas using this kit without fender modifications. Larger, 26″ diameter 215/65-15 snow tires have been fitted to the car shown in the picture, with only light fender massaging required. If you want to go even bigger, consider the Mack Daddy of all offroad Miata setups, the full Offroadster kit, also offered by Paco Motorsports.

Instructions courtesy of Flyin’ Miata.  Available here:

3″ Lift Kit Instructions

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 5 in

Black Powder Coat


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