Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms


Easy camber adjustment and no loss of travel!

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These rear upper control arms are a bolt-in replacement for the stock part. Unlike other arms on the market, they use the stock Miata bushing sizes. This gives you the choice of either rubber or poly bushings depending on your needs.


Why? So you can adjust your camber quickly and easily without affecting toe. It’ll also let you reach alignment ranges that are not possible on stock arms. The adjustment moves the top of the tires inboard, so if you’re trying to maximize your fender clearance these will help.


To adjust, simply remove the bolt attaching the control arm to the upright and rotate the end of the arm before locking it down with the lock nut. Each 180 degree turn will change camber by 0.25 degrees, making it easy to make precise, consistent adjustments. There’s also no chance of the setting slipping under load.


Unlike other aftermarket control arms, these are properly contoured to clear the rear subframe. There is no limitation to compression travel. They can add up to 8 degrees of camber in each direction. Yes, you read that right.


Fabricated in the USA out of High Strength Low Alloy steel, these have been through both Finite Element Analysis and real-world testing on a 466 rwhp Miata running 225-series Toyo RR tires with downforce. They are stronger than required by a substantial margin.
For 1990-05 Miatas. Sold in pairs.

Instructions courtesy of Flyin’ Miata.  Available here:

RUCA Instructions

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