ND Miata Front Swaybar Reinforcement Kit


Cheap insurance to prevent subframe failure and costly repairs!


The fourth generation Miatas have a weakness in the front subframe where the swaybar mounts.  Mazda has traditionally left this area somewhat weak on many of their vehicles.  They just don’t put enough steel there!  This area of the subframe can flex, fatigue, crack, and eventually tear apart as you can see in a couple of the pictures.  Flyin’ Miata and Paco have collaborated once again to come up with a simple, elegant solution to the problem.  We’ve bolted in some very rigid, powder coated steel brackets under the mounts, effectively eliminating the chance for failure.  It’s especially important to reinforce this area of the subframe when installing stiffer swaybars or running sticky tires.  100% bolt on, no drilling required.  If you’re pairing these with new swaybars, they only take a few extra minutes to install while you already have the car apart!  They add barely over 1 pound to the car.

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Weight 2 lbs