Rallycross Coilovers


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The development of our Rallycross coilover package began as the third major offering from Paco Motorsports for offroad and lifted NA/NB Miatas.  First came the simple yet effective 3″ lift kit, then came the extreme long travel Offroadster kit.  Both offerings are excellent at what they do, but there was a lot of middle ground untouched.  Some enthusiats just want a little extra ground clearance, and some want as much offroad capability possible.  The Rallycross setup fits squarely in the middle, and is even better than we expected, in terms of versatility, on and off road.  It has seen many different iterations of shock design, shock mounting, max travel, spring rates, valving, etc.  Our design intent for this coilover package was as follows…

— Max wheel travel allowed by the factory suspension — This means identifying and staying within the safe operating range of motion of the suspension’s front ball joints, upper and lower AND tie rod ends, shock clearance to control arms, rear CV axle maximum angle of operation, etc.

— Relatively low wheel rates — This is somewhat contradictory to more traditional street/track coilover packages, which use stiff spring rates to control body roll and aid in quick transitioning of weight transfer.  The lower spring rates of the Rallycross setup allow the suspension to move through more of its range, soaking up rough terrain and promoting stability and comfort offroad.  As with any quality suspension package, this required plenty of measuring, testing, math, and LOTS of trial and error before we settled on the final specs of all components.

— Adjustability —  Everyone has their own ideas and plans of how they want to take their NA/NB Miata off the pavement.  Many of our lift kit customers don’t even own a Miata yet.  They just love the concept of a lifted Miata so much, they can’t wait to find an old roughed up Miata to throw some mud/snow tires on and go play with Jeeps somewhere off the beaten path.  Some want to compete in national Rallycross events or Gambler 500 events, and we even have some folks prepping for even higher levels of competition.  Whatever your intended use, the Rallycross coilovers were designed to give you options.  The ride height can be adjusted with not only the threaded shock collars, but also by flipping over the front mounts or selecting a different mounting hole in the rear shock mount.

But wait, there’s more!!!  Perhaps our favorite and somewhat unexpected feature of the Rallycross setup, we’ve developed an optional Street/Track package to convert these awesome coilovers to on-road duty!  Shorter/stiffer springs, roughly double the rate of the standard bits, and softer bump stops offer much more reactive handling, a great ride, and much lower ride heights.  Spend a few hours swapping the springs and doing an alignment, and you have a true dual-sport suspension for your versatile, adventurous Miata, no matter where you take her!


Approx. Ride height – ~17″ Hub center to fender lip, adjustable ~1″ up, ~2″ Down (MUCH lower, ~11″-13″ street/track heights possible with Street/Track package)

~18.5″ Hub to fender lip @ full droop (maximum droop amount we designed for protects CV axles, ball joints, and tie rod ends from over-travel, preventing breakage and promoting longevity of components)  CAVEAT: We design our products to be as durable as possible and to work within the capabilities available, but we live in the realization that just about ANYONE can break ANYTHING at ANY time. 

~8.5″ total wheel travel all around (max bump travel could be limited somewhat depending upon large tire diameters interfering with factory wheel well sheet metal.  Anything below 26″ diameter should allow full travel.)

Heavy duty, AFCO Racing height and 32-way rebound adjustable monotube shocks, with durable 5/8″ diameter pistons.  Rebuildable.

Relatively soft spring rates work very well, on and offroad, allowing suspension to work through more travel, promoting comfort and stability over rough surfaces.

Unique inverted rear shock design allows the high range of travel we achieve, which is traditionally a big limitation in rear shock setups on Miatas.

Maximum 25-26 tire diameter without major fender/body modifications.  Up to ~28-29″ possible with extensive fabrication work.

The same rear lift bracket from the Paco Moto 3″ lift kit is provided with the Rallycross package (current 3″ lift customers can purchase coilovers without these rear brackets and will enjoy a $50 credit toward purchase)

Optional Dust bags option is avalable to protect shocks from dust and debris in harsh environments – $150

Optional $400 spring/bumpstop package includes stiffer/shorter springs and softer bumpstops so you can enjoy your Rallycross coilover shocks on the street and track!


At higher ride heights, front camber adjustments will be limited to around zero camber to +1 degree camber.  Attempting to increase camber by using extended ball joints can cause the upper ball joint to bind.  The upper ball joint is the first piece in the front suspension to run into travel limitations.  Similarly in the rear, care needs to be taken when using high ride heights and too much negative camber because of the extreme angle of the CV joint at full droop (when the suspension is fully extended downward).  Factory CV joints have been known to break with extreme use.  Stronger axles with beefier CVs and more range of motion are available.  Please call us for more info.

Because of the open clevis design of the shock mounts, the shock tower areas are not completely closed off to the wheel well environment.  Expect more intrusion of dirt/debris in this area under the hood and in the trunk.

Paco Moto Upper Rear control arms recommonded on ALL lifted Miatas for proper camber setup and max CV axle angle limits…also provides for clearance with certain wheel/tire combinations